Welcome to our homepage

                   "Pastel"  is  a general gymnastics club.   We have 40 members
              who are  teachers  and  members of the staff of the  Department of
              Human  Culture at Tezukayama Gakuin University as well as students
              in this university and people living in the neighborhood.  We come
              to  the  Fitness  Room  of the  University  once  a week  for club
              activities.  The club leader is Prof.Takako Iida of the university.
                   "Pastel", organized in 1983,  has taken part in the Gymnastic 
              Festival  Osaka  every  year since 1984.  In 1997, we performed in
              the  opening  and  closing ceremonies of the  52nd National Sports
              Festival in Osaka. From July 4 to 10,1999, five of us participated
              in the 11th World Gymnaestrada in Goteborg.
                   "Pastel"  helps us improve our health and  make friends.  Our 
              friendship is strengthened through  participation in the Gymnastic  
              Festival Osaka.   We experience a  sense of fulfillment  and unite
              ourselves more firmly into the club  by performing in the festival.
              In the Festival we also have opportunities to perform with foreign
                   "Pastel" performs cultural activities as well.  We publish an 
              annual club leaflet,  "Pastel Report"  Members contribute articles 
              photographs,and pictures, edit them, and bind them in books.   The 
              "Pastel Report"  is  handmade by members. It is really interesting
              reading.   Pastel is of great value for it betters our lives.