Campus Life



Students can freely read any books in the library and most books are available for check-out. There are many services provided, such as online search, reservation for check-out, back-order, request for purchase, etc.


TGU has a cafeteria providing a wide variety of menu choices, from Japanese to Chinese/Western cuisine served at a reasonable price.

Campus Shop

TGU has a campus shop which sells stationery and food such as snacks, instant noodles, rice balls, teas & soft drinks, etc.


TGU provides accommodation for exchange students. The housing fee is waived for exchange students but students are responsible for all other fees.


There are many student club activities – sports, cultural and more. The club activities are important part of student’s life in Japan and it is a great way to make friends. The list of clubs can be found on Student Handbook.

University bus

The university bus operates only on school days for TGU students and staff. A TGU Bus Pass is required to ride the university bus. The university bus runs direct non-stop between the train stations (Kongo/Izumigaoka) and campus.

From Nankai Electric Railway “Kongo” station (East Bus Terminal) → Approx. 10 minutes. From Semboku Rapid Railway “Izumigaoka” station (South Terminal #6) → Approx. 8 minutes *It operates only on Tue & Fri.


There is a convenience store and a grocery store near the campus.